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This page isn't very fancy; it's really just the places I want to visit. I use it as the default page with which to start my web browser. That is, it's really my "home" page. [Actually, by default I skip everything up to the technical links.]

This page is intended to be readable with any browser. Last I checked, it passed the check in the W3C's validator. I consider this page a tool, and try to limit its contents to meaningful content or useful links.

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I'm married and have a child and live in a nice suburb of Boston.

I am an embedded systems programmer, currently looking for work. Most of my work in my career was related to forwarding the Internet Protocol. I am one of the inventors on patent number 6,003,077. I've also worked on other kinds of control systems. For more information, look at an abbreviated summary of my professional C.V., or ask for a copy of the whole thing.

I have a separate page to list places I've been. You can find me on some but not remotely all social media.

Actual Web content I maintain (as opposed to most of this page, which is merely links):
some recipes.
The family photo album.
A random selection from my personal fortune cookie file.
My computer configuration tricks for FreeBSD, and X-based desktop, as well as some shell scripts I've found useful in that environment.
Various things I wrote.

Technical Links that I find useful:

IETF Home Page
InterNIC Repositories for RFCs (index) and Internet Drafts
FAQS for Comp.Lang.C and (Gnu) Emacs. The Emacs Wiki.
IEEE Computer Society
The FreeBSD Home Page, handbook, FAQ, wiki, and source repository.
My personal crib sheet on HTML.

Reference Material

[IMDB] [M-W Dictionary] [(CIA) World Factbook]
[The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction]
[Wikipedia] [Wiktionary]
Google: [Search] [Calendar] [GMail]

Boston-area stuff:

[NWS] [] [WBUR weather]
[Acton Memorial] [West Acton Citizens] [Minuteman Catalog] [Merrimack Valley Catalog] [Mass. Library Comm.] [Littleton] [Boxborough]
[Museum of Science] [Discovery Museums] [Harvard] [National Heritage] [Fine Arts (MFA)] [DeCordova] [Industry/Innovation]
[MBTA] [Fitchburg (So. Acton) Commuter Rail] [Lowell Commuter Rail] [MassDOT Blog]
Public Broadcasting:
[WGBH 89.7, 2, and 44] [WBUR 90.9] [New Hampshire Public Radio] [PBS] [NPR]
[Town of Acton] [Bruce Freeman Rail Trail] [Topsfield Fair]
[ Massachusetts State House] [Concord Hillside Medical Assoc.]
[Boston Globe Movie Reviews] [Globe Restaurant Reviews] [Lowell] [Solomon Pond] [Maynard]
Local geography: [my local] or [Boston] satellite images, via [Google Maps]

Favorite local businesses:

Hobbies, Interests, and Assorted Random Pointers:

I play a lot of board games, occasionally including the ones in my own board game collection. And (technically not a board game) I own a Twilight Zone pinball machine. The Pinwiki includes advice on handling WPC resets. In these COVID times, I'm often on Board Game Arena. I also own a Taylor dreadnought guitar, which I bought in the spring of 2000 from the Music Emporium in Lexington, MA.

My collection of SCA and SF (Society for Creative Anachronism and Speculative/Science Fiction) links.

When the Internet was still nascent, I used to maintain a Web page for the RiverFolk Concert Series at the Blackstone River Theatre in Cumberland, RI, but they do it themselves now. Closer to my current home, there's a list of Boston Area coffeehouses.

Looking forward to a time when spectator sports become a thing again...

The Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and the rest of the amendments.

Science is the political issue of the day. I'm for it. NASA will tell you why climate change is real. The fullest collection is probably the NOAA report.

Radio Theatre from [ZBS], [Full Cast Audio] (Bruce Coville et. al.). SF Story podcasts: [Escape Pod] and [StarShipSofa]. Reviews and links at [SFFaudio]. Various literature in mp3 form at [Lit2Go]. Assorted cultural media at [OpenCulture].

Shakespeare: [Complete works] [British Library Quartos] [the Folger Library]

The English and Scottish Popular Ballads (1898), Francis James Child. The Alan Lomax Recordings.

You can reach me at:

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