Links about: the SCA and "Speculative Fiction".

Some SF-related links

Some oneline magazines:

Local conventions (all heavily influenced by the local Worldcon-type experts):
Readercon 21: My favorite science fiction convention (or it was until they became rabidly child-unfriendly)
Boskone is run by NESFA who also run the NESFA press,
Arisia, the other sizeable local con.

Some author websites: Greg Egan, Charles Stross, Allen Steele

Some Major Fanzines: Mimosa, Ansible.

Some artists' websites: Michael Whelan, Michael Dashow, Donato Giancola, Rick Berry (and others).

The page you are reading has at various points been indexed into People and Groups in the SCA for reasons I can't comprehend. "I," incidentally, am (in the SCA) Rewolof D'Rotlu, former seneschal of the Canton of Trollhaven (Barony of the Bridge, East Kingdom), and now resident in the Barony of Quintavia, although I often play with folks from Carolingia.

Some SCA-related links

There is an official page for the SCA.

The East Kingdom has a home page. Even closer to home, the official page for Carolingia. and Quintaviaas well.

Cariadoc's Miscellany contains various of Cariadoc's SCA musings. Steffan Silverwing's Laws".

Exploring Ancient World Cultures.

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