Lowell Gilbert: online writings

A variety of stuff I've written:
In memoriam, J.D. Salinger.
My 2009 Hugo votes and discussion.
my attitude toward computer backups, which became part of the FreeBSD handbook.
explaining why I don't own a generator, and my simple philosophy on emergency preparedness, including my admission that I do, sort of, have a generator.
My rant on why you should try to avoid getting your own DNS domain if you can help it. A bit out of date now, but still worth thinking about.
My written account of my trip to Albuquerque in October 1995.
A comp.emacs flame I wrote that made it to alt.humor.best-of-usenet.
A tale of Route 128

Book Reviews

Liars and Outliers; Enabling the Trust That Society Needs to Thrive (review still under construction/revision)
(Bruce Schneier)
(Steven Levy)
Repelling the Wily Hacker
(Cheswick/Bellovin/Rubin) 2d ed.

You can reach me at: webmaster@be-well.ilk.org.

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