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HTTP specs
Version 0.9:
("as implemented")
HTTP: A protocol for networked information
RFC 1945:
HTTP/1.0 (informational)
RFC 2068:
HTTP/1.1 (proposed standard)
Try HTML code tutorial.

Lowell's HTML crib sheet

Logical Styles

for a word being defined. Typically displayed in italics. (NCSA Mosaic is a World Wide Web browser.)
for emphasis. Typically displayed in italics. (Consultants cannot reset your password unless you call the help line.)
for titles of books, films, etc. Typically displayed in italics. (A Beginner's Guide to HTML)
for computer code. Displayed in a fixed-width font. (The <stdio.h> header file)
for user keyboard entry. Typically displayed in plain fixed-width font. (Enter passwd to change your password.)
for a sequence of literal characters. Displayed in a fixed-width font. (Segmentation fault: Core dumped.)
for strong emphasis. Typically displayed in bold. (NOTE: Always check your links.)
for a variable, where you will replace the variable with specific information. Typically displayed in italics. (rm filename deletes the file.)
blinking text , bold text , italic text , typewriter text line break
center text/image on screen
New Paragraph

centered text here. This is dummy text to show off the paragraph to its very very best advantage so you know what centered text really looks like.

EMBED IMAGE (inline) Photo of me goes here


largest header

through to
smallest header

centred header

shows a horizontal line across the screen.
Size is the height of the line in pixels. Width is the length of the line across the screen, it can be expressed also in pixel numbers as is size. will give a solid bar rather than empty or 3d effect.

INDENTATION ("definition list")
(starts definition list. No blobs or numbers!)
term to be defined here.
definition of term here (automatically indented)
(ends definition list)


(finishes unordered list)
For information on forms, an overview of forms.
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