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This page isn't very fancy; it's really just the places I want to visit. I use it as the default page with which to start my web browser. That is, it's really my "home" page. [Actually, by default I skip everything up to the technical links.]

This page is intended to be readable with any browser. It does not use any enhancements that are particular to a specific browser (such as Netscape). This doesn't mean it will work perfectly on every browser, since I have yet to find one without obvious bugs in even the most basic of HTML. It does mean that I use a minimum of inline graphics, and provide alternative text for each. I consider this page a tool, and try to limit its contents to meaningful content or useful links.

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As of Memorial Day 1998, I'm a parent. Of course, I have pictures.

I no longer work at Epilogue Technology. I am one of the inventors on patent number 6,003,077, which is assigned to Epilogue's parent company. I've made a few job changes since, and am now working at Crescent Networks, doing router fastpath configuration.

I have a separate page to list places I've been.

Actual Web content I maintain (as opposed to most of this page, which is merely links):
My computer configuration tricks for FreeBSD, and X-based desktop, as well as some shell scripts I've found useful in that environment.
My rant on why you should try to avoid getting your own DNS domain if you can help it. A bit out of date now, but still worth thinking about.
My written account of my trip to Albuquerque in October 1995.
My collection of compact disks
A comp.emacs flame I wrote that made it to
A tale of Route 128

Technical Links that I find useful:

IETF Home Page
InterNIC Repositories for RFCs (index or search) and Internet Drafts
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Working Group resources,
the DHC Working Group archive,
FAQ, and
my proposal for renumbering support.
The Simple Times (Marshall Rose's SNMP newsletter).
Internet Monthly Reports, Internet Conference Calendar
FAQS for Comp.Lang.C and Emacs.
P.J. Plauger's Standard C - A Reference. IEEE Computer Society
The FreeBSD Home Page and handbook.
My personal crib sheet on HTML.

Boston-area stuff:

Weather for Boston according to: [NWS (via Yahoo)] [WCVB-5] [WHDH-7] [ USA Today]
Traffic from [SmartTraveler]
Libraries: [Mass. Library Information Network] Catalogs: [Merrimack Valley (Burlington)] [telnet]
[Wordsworth] [Boston Globe Movie Reviews] [Globe Restaurant Reviews]
[MBTA schedules/maps] [Lowell Commuter Rail] [350 bus]
[ Massachusetts State House] [Town of Burlington]
[Boston Online] [New England Online (will be updated Real Soon Now...)]
[My local] or [ Boston ] Geography, via the Census Bureau's [ Tiger Map Service ]
[Places to play Pinball]


"The Ilk"
Scott "Shayn" Bakker
Brian Borchers
Bill Caloccia
Regis Donovan
'Zed' Lopez
Denis Parslow
Steve Staton and his Ilk page.

Game-players and other local friends
Todd Perlmutter, allegedly a "guppy" but not seen in years
Three Trolls Games, the supplier of our very own habit...
Alan Bawden
R & D Choreography, my brother Rick's "violence design" partnership.

Hobbies, Interests, and Assorted Random Pointers:

I no longer maintain the Web page for the RiverFolk Concert Series at the Blackstone River Theatre in Cumberland, RI, but I'd still be happy to encourage you to go...

People argue about it enough, they probably ought to read it: the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and the rest of the amendments. That and much more is available through Congress's Thomas system.

Baseball: I'm not really a fan, but I do enjoy going to games. My local pro teams are the:

Last year I went to see a game in Pawtucket (the expansion changed the place a lot less than I expected) and one in Lowell (on "birth night," a promo idea that made national news; a couple of beers from the brewpub helped me avoid being annoyed by it). This year I'm already planning a trip to Fenway, and Lowell and Pawtucket are both probably in the cards also.

Hockey: schedules for:

WWW Virtual Library: Beer & Brewing.

National Public Radio (NPR) and the Public Broadcasting System. My local stations (which I support) are WGBH (Channels 2 & 44 and FM 89.7) and WBUR (90.9 at Boston University, not to be confused with a student station, which BU also has). NPR has many good shows, including Car Talk, which has a *really* good WWW site, and, incidentally, is produced at WBUR. My favorite PBS show is Mystery, which is produced by 'GBH.

My collection of SCA and SF (Society for Creative Anachronism and Speculative/Science Fiction) links.

My collection of compact disks (hey, I already had them online...). Also, a tale of Route 128 (I am not making this up...).

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